Occupational Therapy
Parent/Care giver Support Workshops
Allied Health Assistant (AHA)
Accommodation (SDA, SIL & STA)

We Provide Support to Kids, Adolescents and Adults

Occupational Therapy
Parent/Care giver Support Workshops
Allied Health Assistant (AHA)
Accommodation (SDA, SIL & STA)

We Provide Support to Kids, Adolescents and Adults

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 9am – 5pm
Contact Number: 0449 612 283
Email: info@posity.com.au

Professionals You Can Trust

At Posity, we pride ourselves on assembling a dynamic team of experienced professionals who deliver the highest benchmarks of support aligned to professional practice standards in disability care. Our team genuinely loves doing what they do best, helping NDIS participants like you or your loved ones to achieve life goals that make life whole.

Meet the Team

Our Services

Occupational Therapy

Learn the things you wish to do in the most effective way and apply them in daily life to get more out of your life alongside increasing confidence despite disabilities.

Paediatric Services

Access early intervention supports early childhood and allows children in need of Occupational or Speech Therapy to get the best possible start in life.

Allied Health Assistant (AHA)

Our Allied Health Assistants undergo comprehensive training from our Allied Health Professionals to ensure they provide high-quality support in therapeutic-related activities.


Fulfil your accommodation needs with our Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA), Short Term Accommodation (STA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL).

Group and Centre-based Activities

Feel a sense of belonging with a network of friends and engage actively in social inclusion and interaction programs of choice that promote independence.

Innovative Community Participation

Become the best version of yourself by participating in community-based activities and building the skills you need to connect to whatever the society has to offer.

Speech Pathology

Improve your ability to communicate, read, write or swallow to gain nourishments in a safe manner whilstexperiencing a better quality of life.

Family Quality of Life

Parent / Care Giver Support Workshops
We Care Workshops

ISO-approved & Registered NDIS Provider in Melbourne, VIC

We are a registered NDIS service provider located in Bundoora and Blackburn, VIC. Our professional team of qualified support workers are experienced in the realm of disability care and support. It gives children, adolescents, and adults in Melbourne’s Northern and Eastern suburbs a reason to choose Posity’s reliable ecosystem and live life in their own way.

As part of our promise to provide a great service to you and a great working environment to our support workers, we are certified against the following standards.

How to Access Support

Allow us to simplify your NDIS journey one step at a time and help you to make sense of it all. Either at the registration, discussion or assessment phase, rest assured that Posity will be with you and your loved ones every step of the way.

Virtual Care via Telehealth

Access our therapy, assessment or consultation services with just a phone call or video call away from wherever you are. Save yourself from the hassle of driving all the way to attend sessions, and instead, partake in the scheduled appointments virtually with the help of telecommunication technologies.